G-Force 3.7

G-Force is a music visualizer that can be integrated to a music player
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G-Force is a music visualizer that can be integrated to a music player already installed in the system (Windows Media Player, etc.) as a plug-in accesory, or run as a screensaver, or run standalone.
When installing the application, the user can select to integrate to the music player and, the next time the user plays music, G/Force displays a selectable music visualizer.

As a music visualizer, the application displays beautiful and mathematically created visual designs in motion, animated, according to the music pitch, rhythm, frequency spectrum, beat, etc. to show an adding effect to the music listening, for a better music appreciation or simply relaxation. Speed, music response and zoom are adjustable.

Clouds, smoke, fountain, spirals, etc. are user selectable for any occasion. On-screen menus, and extensive library of visual content.
In addition to the supplied visuals, the user can add own visual designes.

As standalone application, the program runs with any music file executed from CD, line in or microphone, even if the file is not a typical audio file. Public performances, presentations, etc. The standalone version includes a toolbar and selectable hotkeys for switching audio input sources. Musical response is adjustable on the fly by means of the toolbar or by pressing the + - keys.

Ignacio Solves
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