G-Force 5.8

Adds new visualization options to popular media players

Generate a graphical representation of the audio played in a compatible media player. Integrate the plug-in with Windows Media Player, Winamp or iTunes, control and adjust the anti-aliased effect, enable or disable visual combinations of objects and patterns, access custom scripts, etc.

G-Force is a unique music visualization plug-in compatible with all the popular media players such as WinAmp, iTunes, MusicMatch, Windows Media Player, jetAudio, Media Monkey, Real Player, etc. Anyway, though it’s a truly remarkable benefit, the fact that it is compatible with all major media players is not its main advantage. Its main advantage is the fact that it uses an advanced mathematical engine which allows it to generate millions of unique visual effects and effect combinations. These effects are looking truly astonishing, offering a both relaxing and captivating experience.

Another great thing about G-Force is the fact that it provides a huge number of customization possibilities. It lets you tweak a large variety of parameters regarding the visual effects, from their general theme to small details such as forms and colors. I’ve never thought it is possible that a music visualization plug-in can have so many advanced options and customization capabilities. Usually this kind of tools is very simple, if not completely minimalistic. This makes G-Force stand out of the crowd and deserve every bit of appreciation. Last but not least, the users can add their own visual designs. In conclusion, this is probably the only music visualization plug-in that I like and that I consider worth a try. The multitude of visual effects and customization possibilities make it really interesting.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Advanced mathematical engine with millions of visual effects
  • Easy to use on-screen menus
  • A lot of customization possibilities


  • Much too limited number of features in the free trial version
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